What Vegetables Can Be Planted In Summer?

What vegetables can be planted in summer?

If you have decided to take advantage of a small garden or land to create your own garden, you want to know what vegetables can be planted in summer to start enjoying its natural and organic fruits as soon as possible.

The best practice, in principle, is to create a garden for own consumption which, depending on the space that you count will have to select a number from the vegetables that can be planted in summer, always according to your every whim your family. Choose the ones you like and go to consume:

– Chard: although it can be grown throughout the year in temperate zones; if you live in a cold area, you'll take them since March. This vegetable is very easy to care for, with fertilizer have land and water it regularly will suffice. You can cut the leaves and leave the killing to continue to grow.

– Eggplant: this vegetable requires a higher temperature to develop fruit, needing direct sunlight. You can reach up to 70 centimeters high, so it is best to put it in containers of at least 30 centimeters deep.

– Zucchini and pumpkin: the first is a really productive plant that have a kill will suffice. Both of these have a similar culture, plenty of sunshine and fertilizer, water is the main ingredient of growth.

– Spinach: in temperate places are grown throughout the year. In cold, better in spring and autumn. Their care is quite simple and does not need too much space. His way of collecting is like chard. You can cut the leaves and leave the bush.

– Beans: Choose from two varieties of vining or low bush. The first can reach 2.5 meters high and low bush growing need less space. Make a hole to plant and placed between 3 and 5 seeds each.

– Lettuce: do not need much space and better is you start to cultivate in the spring. With the heat, spike quickly and its cultivation is very simple. It requires regular watering, but without excess.

– Pepper: with tomato, is the king of summer crops. Lots of sun, regular watering and land well paid are the keys to collect good peppers.

– Tomato: the king par excellence of the gardens. We can start making seed from February. Like pepper, you need much sun, abundant watering and potting soil.

Once you have chosen what to plant vegetables in your garden from this wide selection, the next step is choosing the right place to do it. Obviously it should be sunny and it's natural that delimités with a fence.

The land selected for cultivation should be conveniently prepared to be productive. Oxygenates the soil, removing weeds and digging with a hoe. Compost soil for planting is the next step, you can either use animal manure as compost, or rather mixed. Once the well paid and even land you have, you can start to plant your favorite vegetables to have an organic garden and very natural.

Choosing which vegetables can be planted in summer is easy if you attend to your tastes and preferences, in addition to your time commitment. The same applies when choosing your home insurance MAPFRE among different alternatives must know, with the help of your advisor will call you in a few minutes.

  • For summer vegetables: spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, beans, peppers, lettuce or onion, among others.
  • What to choose: the ones we like and we are going to consume more. Each has its culture period.
  • How to plant: it is essential to prepare the land, which is: remove weeds, dig, fertilize and plant. It should be a sunny and protected with a fence to avoid damaging the plants instead.

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