What Menu Offer For A Meal Or Formal Dinner

What menu offer for a meal or formal dinner

When will organize a banquet, the main concern is to discern the menu and the protocol to get along with all people. General guidelines will help you know what menu offer for a meal or formal dinner.

The variety and balance are the keys to know which menu offered for lunch or formal dinner, if we want to please most guests. Discard therefore extremes: the very spicy foods and sauces always bet varied, from the strongest or spicy to more soft and delicate.

The advance and foresight are also two ingredients for success in an event that includes a formal dinner. Whenever possible, especially if you do not have little or no help from professional chefs and waiters, it is best to use dishes that can cook in advance.

If the temperature of the day allows, you could take a starter and served before our guests arrive and pass the dining room. The same, if it's a hot plate that is retained for a time, as a Galician soup or broth; served in a single pot clay, for example.

The traditional order, always respect:

– Soup or incoming

– Fish

– Beef with corresponding accompaniment

– Cheese and / or fruit

– Resposteria

– Frozen

– Coffee, tea, liqueurs or Jerez.

However, following this order, what can be done is to remove some dishes should seem excessive. Sometimes, between the plate of fish and meat a citrus sorbet or the like is sandwiched, to cleanse the palate and to better appreciate the flavor of this dish. It is a highly recommended and easy to prepare detail.

If you have questions about which menu offered for lunch or formal dinner, never risk it or experience it, bet on the most simple and traditional, especially if it is an event with many guests from very different tastes. If the celebration is in your home, now MAPFRE consultation with the home insurance policy you most want to enjoy quiet for any unforeseen event or so many others who organize in your home.

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