Types Of Bars For Shower Curtains

The curtains are an essential element in the bathroom, whether it is shower and tub, unless you have a screen. In fact, on many occasions they have both, especially when mamparar occupies only half of the tub for convenience.

To choose them well should analyze the types there, both as a curtain rod, because if you do not have the right bar is possible that will not serve you bought curtain. There are basically two types of curtains: the extensible and recessed. Keep reading and I’ll explain in detail the characteristics of each.

Extension bars

Installation is simple as it is placed under pressure, and are also cheaper than built. They consist of two cylindrical parts, one inside the other, which makes it possible to adjust the length to fit close to the space available. It has an internal system that makes it can be fixed in the desired position with ease.

They can be used only if there are two walls as each end it is in operation and depends on the pressure exerted on both. The main advantages of the extensible is that installation is easy, allowing you to get on and off effortlessly when you wanted it. Its cost is low, something to keep in mind.

Embedded bars

The bars are embedded are fixed to the wall with screws, which makes them much more resistant and that it is not necessary to have two walls to them. It is the recommended option when the bath or shower are in a part of the bathroom but do not take up an entire wall. The system consists of two bars which makes more elbow that can be attached without having two opposing walls.

These bars are more stable and secure, particularly if the curtain undergoes a pulling down. Although placement may seem complicated to be fixed on one point, the fact is that it is not, but they do need a bra that attach to the ceiling, making them even safer. You should use a level to place as the go practically in the air is customary miss righteousness.

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