Trundle Beds To Save Space

Trundle beds to save space

They say time is money, as the space at home too! Every time we have more things and the truth that often do not know where to store them. The storage rooms are fine, but that's to tackle, if we keep shoes, bags and things we need often have to find a place indoors.

The cabinets are usually full from day one, and there is no room to add new, so the best solution is to store vertically layered. I mean the kind trundle beds, also called trunk beds, such that the mattress is over a large drawer, and to access it just have to lift it using a mechanism that allows us to do it effortlessly.

The advantages of these beds are many, because if you look at the image above occupy the same space as a standard, but can save a lot of things and be well protected from dust to be the drawer completely closed.

Surely now you're thinking that should be worth much, it is not, for example in the Menamobel store you can find a couch at a great price, especially since it is as if a two for one, a mixed and a bed.

Ideas to make the couch

The first is to separate interior compartments or boxes, so you have a place for everything and everything will be more orderly. I have a sofa chaise longue at home and not think about it the first day I now have the compartment filled with things on top of each other. I'll have to order it, but I am too lazy lol.

Do not forget to clean under the bed. Will want that no gathering dust and is suitable every few months to pass a hair out, as explained in this article on how to clean the dust under a couch.

Blankets, clothes out of season and things do not go using commonly put them at the very end, because the most accessible part is the beginning. That's where you have to store shoes and bags to save them and save them whenever you want.

When getting up, and not have drawers on the sides, we can put it against the wall, so it is perfect for the mini apartments, or single bedrooms with double beds. If is not your case and you have a larger room, you can take that space for a dresser, a mirror of soil or whatever you want, you can see the catalog of furniture menamobel to look nice ideas that fit well with your style.

The ways of organizing and advantages of the folding type sofa beds are many, if you have one at home do not hesitate to share with the community how you order you, so that together we remove him the most!

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