Transporting Books In A Move

Transporting books in a moveThe books are indispensable in any home, whatever the age of the people who live there. Its conservation is very important, so that when you make a move should pay special attention when crating and transportation. Today I would like to focus my article on the removal of books, a subject that I have cool because I changed a few weeks ago just me home.

My first recommendation is that you review your library well, sure there are many books that do not interest you and you can donate to a child, youth or senior center. Over the years we accumulate many copies, and most of them do not see more than once. That is why it is perfect for a literary Cleaning your collection time.

Well organized to be successful

The organization is essential for a move goes well from start to finish, as otherwise problems could arise quite unpleasant at any time. Analyzes the space you will have in your new home to determine the amount of books that you're taking.


For packaging two options are the most recommended. On the one hand, use small boxes and fill them with books, being careful not to overload the weight and breakage. Furthermore, you can get a few books in other cases, for example clothes or the decoration and the weight will not be more distributed over any of the boxes.

Transporting books in a move Packed especially the most valuable, both economically and historical or sentimental level books. You can use bubble wrap or newspaper, but it is important that you protect more than normal, in case something comes up that spoil the boxes and can be saved without problems. If you have some that are very very very special, take it in hand.


As for his transfer, the most important recommendation is that the boxes where the books are not going to ground level, especially if they are to go through a warehouse or storage before or after traveling. If it had moisture, books would be affected and could be damaged.

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