Tips For Storing Dishware

When organizing and loading the dishes, we have to find a way that all plates and glasses are ordered so that we can dispose of them easily. To do this, we will consider the space available and place them according to their use; ie, leaving the most accessible spaces for dishes that we use in day to day.

A typical solution cupboards are often found in kitchens and living rooms. Normally, they are made of wood and contain crystals that show the dishes. This furniture will save them for stylized cups or crystal glasses, then, to look through the glass, they will look much nicer than a less aesthetic dishes. To do this, arrange them in rows or rows separating them by type. We distinguish between three main groups cups of water, wine and champagne, but can also be other types of drinking vessels such as tall glasses, cocktail glasses and special glasses of liquor. The idea is that the cups or glasses from the cupboard are to be used less often (for example, special dinners) and we will not have to continually ordering it. A cupboard must be kept clean inside and out: the free glasses of dust and sparkling crystals and free of fingerprints. To do this, we can scrub both crystals with a mixture of vinegar and water, after passing a thin cloth to let them perfect. In the cupboards, also typically stored teapots and coffee sets, but we offer other ideas later storage for these types of parts.

Other storage units

Apart from the cupboards, there are many types of furniture for storing dishes and are usually installed either in the lounge or dining room, or kitchen. Normally, the thinner parts of the dishes are those in the dining room furniture and that often in sight, for the most decorative content.

Other typical furniture for crockery are: cabinets, furniture with open shelves, furniture with doors and drawers, which are often used to store cutlery and linens, high cupboards, additional modules in the kitchen, high cabinets in the kitchen, or low sideboards with sliding doors.

Arrange the dishes

The dishes are going to be divided by size: the most typical being the big dish and dessert and other majors, as salad, pizza plates or bowls. To do this, the ideal is to stack one to one trying not to mix more than one type in each block. This is better to contribute to its functionality, as we find it more difficult to access the plates that are at the bottom of the stack. If we have enough space, therefore a block of dishes piled in size and, if possible, of each type; for example, by distributing colors or prints. So they are always neat and we can use a game at every meal, unless we like combinations of one or more colors, as can be green and blue faience plates or dishes that combine different shades of brown. It is much better to keep them in the kitchen or in a cabinet in the dining room doors, because, decorative level, do the same function as the stylized cups we talked about before. However, in the kitchen can be in an open rack without doors, although this will be always be very neat and at the same time, preserve open the worst furniture dust and grease generated by cooking.

Cups design as part of the decor

The cups can be one of the most decorative parts of the dishes, even becoming part of the decoration of the kitchen and give it a touch of color. To do this, once again, we can make use of independent shelves or a cabinet shelf orderly look our cups of original shapes and colors, but an idea of ​​choice in many kitchens is to hang a arancelas (eg near the sink) and place and the series of cups hanging handle. Sure that you have nice cups of breakfast and snack with polka dots, with decorated pottery or porcelain with printed motifs, retro type, etc., and you feel like you are in sight, on open shelves you can also store the saucers of coffee, teapots and sugar with special shapes.

Everyday glasses

As we said, most normal vessels, usually less aesthetic and functional, we use almost every day, they can be stored in the kitchen, in an enclosed cabinet that will help preserve the dust. It is preferable to be in an easily accessible place, and we will have them very often. We can stack them in threes to save space, although the ideal is to keep them in a cabinet with a lot of depth and put the first row with a single glass, to access them more easily. If your glasses are colored or have special reasons, you may also want to keep them in sight.


Finally, the cutlery can be stored in cabinets or using spacers to achieve without complications. Many people also prefer to place them upright, looking down; that is, in a separator with square boxes or compartments and deep wooden drawer. This solution saves to save space, but you must always place them face down, and cut off to prevent pincharnos with forks and knives. The coffee spoons can be saved in a round utensil, such a glass color or pattern, which also keep in sight.

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