Tilt Windows

The tilt windows are the best sellers today because of the versatility of their way of opening. Besides having the opportunity to provide controlled ventilation, they are safer, especially for children, not necessarily having to completely open the window can not show or go out ellas.¿Qué are tilt windows?

The easiest way to define this type of windows without words is watching the following image where you can see two states of window opening and one closing.

tilt windows

If we follow the order from left to right, the tilt windows behave as follows: In the first image the window sash is hinged opening that is open in the top and the sheet is fixed at the party lower. The maximum angle depends on the installed mechanism and the size of the window, but to give you an idea of ​​the maximum separation (top) is usually about 10 cm; opening mechanism is simple, just turn the handle 180 degrees in the picture you can see the position of the handle and pull it toward you until it tope.La second image is the traditional way of opening the window leaf rotates around the vertical axis reaching a maximum angle almost it reaches 180 degrees. That is, the sash is opened can leave all the space open.The opening mechanism is similar to the above but only by turning the handle 90 grados.La third image shows the window in its normal state is a cerrada.Ventajas oscilobatienteAhorro energy window: the folding system in winter you can ventilate rooms without overcooling the room, in summer also but opposite effect. Acondicionado.Seguridad savings in heating and air: the folding system you minimize drafts in the house if multiple windows are open, people are not hit with the leaves of the window and the kids will not be able to hover for ellas.Comodidad : You can leave the windows with folding system and leave home. You will not be so quiet with traditional systems, especially if the weather changes and a window in tilt llueve.Convertir

All practicable window can become tilt, this requires changing the mechanisms of the window. If you're a handyman you can do it yourself, here you are some videos so you can follow the steps:

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