The Most Resistant Plants For Your Patio

If you start it in the garden, it is best to start by planting and caring for plants more resistant your terrace so easy and you start animes then more complicated natural debris.

Give it some life and color to your deck is not as complicated as it sounds, the trick is to know how to choose the most resistant plants for your terrace, so that can withstand temperatures, sunshine hours and possible frost with minimum care and maintenance.

Some of the plants that meet these characteristics are:

1. Hibiscus

Terraces ideal for large cities with extreme temperatures, enduring frost and heat. There are so many varieties of colors in their flowers so it is perfect for creating joyful compositions of nature on your balcony. Its growth is always vertical, so it is perfect for narrow terraces.

2. Chinese Jasmine

The perfect solution to cover the front of your balcony, making it a haven of nature and color, of course, is a climber and invasive plant. His bright dark green leaves, collide in contrast to their white flowers. The more sunlight received, give more flowers.

3. Aspidistra

pilistra commonly named, is a classic and silver ornamental balconies and terraces for its strength and needs almost no care. Ideal to bring green to your terrace, grows very controlled way so it is perfect for small spaces but their leaves are long, wide and large.

4. Fornio

A type of shrub very resistant to sun and distress requires care, its leaves are long and narrow like a green ribbons, although some varieties in other colors. Ideal for growing in pots or planters for terraces, the size of the container where you plant will depend on its growth and thus its size.

There are many alternatives among the most resistant plants for your patio, but these are a simple and basic selection to get started in the exciting world of gardening. Remember now hiring also your home insurance to enjoy your terrace with safety and tranquility.

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