The Moment Arrived: Summer Bedding

The moment arrived: summer bedding

It's a fact: the summer is about to come again. Surely you've noticed that the winter quilt it begins to clog, preventing chilly and sleeping comfortably. It's time to make a change in our bed and replace the thick duvets for summer quilts and bedding for warmth.

¿Summer bedspread or comforter?

Depending on how hot it is your home and you live in town, we recommend quilts summer: light, soft cloth (do not choose a rough!) That will coat the sheets, also wearing our bed. We recommend that are thin, but not too much, because we also serve well for the spring and early fall. If it gets too hot, they can always be removed, only covering us with the sheets.

The moment arrived: summer bedding

Yes, even in summer, not so hot or still prefer a quilt, there are several alternatives designed by and for the summer. One would be the Nordic Light mite. They are very suitable for the summer months. It is preferably mite to result in better protection and cleaning. Before choosing, choose a soft touch, allowing air to circulate, it is hypoallergenic (protects against allergies in more prone to them months) and hundred percent cotton. The fillings can find fiber or feather.

Regarding whether it is better fiber or feathers, it depends on individual taste. Fiber quilts are easy to maintain and are used in most households, both bedding winter and summer. The feather or down is a natural element and very good thermal insulator, so it is advisable to use it better in winter and, if we chose this material for summer quilts for its softness, tailored to its filling does not exceed 100 grams per square meter for us not too hot. This last option is usually more expensive.


The summer bedding is not limited to the comforter or bedspread. It is also necessary to choose the sheets, the cover-mattresses or pillowcases in a material suitable for summer. We do not sweat, we kept cool, absorb from moisture, do not accumulate dust mite and are easy to wash, since the summer bedding is washed more often than in winter because we sweat more. Many suitable materials to sleep during the summer, but would emphasize the satin, cotton, silk and linen. In short, natural fibers.

The moment arrived: summer bedding


It is soft, one of the most important characteristics, but also beautiful, so will result in a more aesthetic decoration end. Satin fulfills a decorative function and also will not give us as much heat as a down comforter or fiber; They are mostly for decoration, many people removed when going to sleep.


In the same line as above, it gives an appearance of beauty and luxury beds by its brightness, its softness and lightness, but is more difficult to wash.


Although simple aesthetics, is one of the most recommended for use in the summer bedding. It is soft, lightweight, there is in many colors and washes easily. In this type, we can include mixed; that is, those which are made of cotton and other fibers (recommend natural), provided that the minimum amount is 50% cotton. If it is less, shall not be so comfortable and you will form balls after a short time, resulting in uncomfortable clothes and rough bed. In cotton should invest for your convenience.

The moment arrived: summer bedding


An inexpensive, simple and easy alternative to wash, though difficult boards. There is often plenty of fine fabrics made with perfect linen bedspreads summer. The most positive aspect of the linen is hypoallergenic, perfect qualities to reduce allergies in these times as difficult for these conditions. The most positive thing is that flax are very versatile as to regulate the temperature of the bed to suit everyone so they are very suitable both in summer and winter.

Natural fibers

The best flannel sheets to keep them in the drawer during these winter months. It is best to choose all natural fibers, as stated silk, cotton, but also other types of fibers. Flee the artificial, they not turn away moisture and will make you sweat much more. Besides for the sheets or duvet covers, these natural fibers are very suitable for use in fitted sheets and other bedding, and pillow protectors.

The moment arrived: summer bedding

Take the opportunity to decorate according to summer

And we'll change the sheets, blankets and pillows to get better sleep in summer, what better time to take advantage of our bedroom to paint heat, sun and exoticism? It's the perfect season to go for bright colors, highlighting the shades of blue, fuchsias, purples … If you want something more discreet, pastel pink or green can be a safe bet. And certainly in the summer more than ever, stomp prints. Flowers, polka dots or marine elements, without forgetting the contrasts formed by colored stripes. If you are very cunning or crafty, you can buy fabrics and make yourself a summer quilt according to the size of your bed and give your cushions and pillows a "dress" more summery.

The moment arrived: summer bedding

The summer bedding usually much lower prices than the winter; moreover, far less amount of fabric is needed. Take advantage of this and purchase bedding that will put the note of freshness in your bedroom. Sleep is very important to properly perform during the day.

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