The Best Devices To Save Water At Home

In recent years we finally have realized the importance of saving water, not only economically but to the environment in general. Follow certain routines to spend as little as possible, and you can also incorporate certain devices and equipment that will help the savings are even greater.

With these you can optimize the use of water, allowing you to eat less than usual. Today I would recommend any of these devices, and I have some really worthwhile to invest in them, as consumption can reduce a lot.

Effective devices

– Tanks of low consumption: the most modern allow short bursts, which is enough when going to urinate for example. They have two buttons, one for small discharges (maximum 10 liters) and another for seniors, who are almost 30 liters. 20 liters of savings several times a day is a lot, so check the copious amounts of water that is wasted daily.

– Low flow shower: is an accessory that limits the flow of water, and when you increase the pressure does not lose anything of comfort and efficiency. With this you can halve water consumption per shower. You can also install a head having a flange which slows the passage of water when active, and comes out at the same temperature when you re-open it.

– Saving washers: You can now find all appliances in low-power version, which saves electricity and in some cases, water. It is the case of washing machines including a program of low consumption, certainly very effective and amortize it lasts much longer than a few years.

Change your habits

Besides using computers or devices that allow you to save water, it is very important to acquire habits that they do so well. For example, do not leave the tap running while you shower, rubbing or brushing your teeth; in all these tasks million liters of water daily are wasted worldwide. When you want to defrost a product, put it in the fridge instead of pouring water.

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