Slip Flooring For Home

Slip flooring for homeThe falls in the home are very common, so do not just have to be careful but you have to have a ground to protect us from them. Non-slip flooring is particularly suitable in the case of areas with moist environments, such as the kitchen, bathroom or near the pool. They are tiles that reduce the risk of slips, which increases the security of the area.

Normal tiles can be treated with anti-slip products to fulfill that function, and it is certainly highly recommended to prevent falls, which in many cases can become very dangerous. The main advantage of non-slip floor is that it gives stability to the tread, making mobility is greater and more secure.

Technical slip

Slip flooring for home The most common technique is focusing on the production of parts in relief traffic but also allow better retain the shoe, so that the tread is securely. In addition, they are pieces that facilitate the evacuation of liquid, so if you fall there will be no waiting for someone to slip. The relief applies laser in polished porcelain stoneware tiles, leaving a rough finish but very secure layer.

Slip flooring for home Currently experts are developing other techniques to use this type of slip without, such as working both parts with an adhesive that also comply with that function. The legislation requires putting slip floor in certain areas to ensure the safety of who goes through them.

Slip flooring for home In addition, there are various types of slip, each more suitable depending on where it will be located. What is required:

– Type 1: dry interior areas that have a slope of less than 6%.

– Type 2: stairs and dry interior areas with slope equal to or greater than 6%, plus wet interior areas with slope less than 6% (toilets, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, etc.).

– Type 3: in this case, is in stairs and humid interior areas that have a slope equal to or greater than 6%, indoor areas with water and agents that reduce sliding resistance (greases, lubricants) and in outdoor areas or pools .

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