Screen Panels For Your Apartment

If you need insulation from heat and cold in your windows and doors are the ideal solution for your screen panels Apartment. A current and with great advantages for small spaces option.

If by design, taste and practicality you’ve decided to cover your windows or doors with Japanese panels, you want to know the screen a tissue that can make your favorite panels for your home. Screen panels for your minipiso provide you:

• cold insulation and heat

This revolutionary material effectively insulates the house from the cold and heat. Preventing the rooms where these panels are placed are too hot or cold, thereby achieving an easier, economical and efficient in both summer and winter climate. Ideal for extreme climates.

• Enjoy light

The screen allows the light and the brightness of the sun as a whole, making it perfect for a naturally illuminate the spaces with windows and doors covered with panels of this tissue. With this type of curtains, you enjoy the benefits of natural light, enlarging spaces easily.

• Visibility

Another big advantage is that the screen does not hide the view you have from the window where the panel is installed. This effect of transparency makes it ideal for locations where the material of which enjoy views as houses with windows to the garden, penthouses with urban views or beach apartment with sea views, and others are available.

• Resistance

The screen offers high strength and is very durable, preserving best conditions over time. It is ideal for crowded households, with great activity and use, for example, households with children or minipisos beach material. The screen offers high hardness and kept intact throughout the years conditions. If you are looking curtains to enjoy long-term is the best option.

Sunscreen and long shelf life are, in short, the two great advantages and characteristics that define screen panels for your minipiso. Leave your phone for a agent will report Home Insurance you are most interested and just as efficiently as with the reform of your minipiso.

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