Reportable Behaviors In A Community

Reportable behaviors in a community

To facilitate the peaceful coexistence of the residents of an apartment building or complex, a number of rules that all residents must respect, however, it is common reportable behaviors occur in a community.

If you're unfortunate enough to have a neighbor or neighbors who do not observe the minimum standards of living in a neighborhood living, we need to know what the reportable behaviors are in a community so you can take action.

Normally almost all the rules contained in the statutes are not met, they are reportable, unless approved at a meeting of neighbors otherwise. Among the rules are violated frequently and may have complaint are:

– Do not respect the common areas, littering or break furniture located on portals, stairs, entrance to the building, emergency exits and gardens, etc. This can lead to a community decides to denounce the tenant of a building.

– Any kind of verbal or physical aggression by a neighbor. Also any kind of harassment. This is usually very common in people with psychological problems. In these cases, you can request a medical examination.

– Noise. This is the most common cause in the neighborhood complaints and which tend to make more judgments complainants. The use and enjoyment of a home will be respected as long as no harm to neighbors. With regard to noise, these may not exceed 80 decibels during the day and 30 decibels at night, described by law; either by loud music, for animal noises, etc. Furthermore, it must respect the hours of rest.

– Alteration of the common elements, especially interior or exterior facades. The community or neighbor may denounce another who put air conditioners, awnings, antennas or advertisements, among others. Without the prior written consent of the Board of Owners.

– The parking spaces and storage rooms will be used only and exclusively for which they were created. In case you want to use for other purposes, it shall first consult with the neighborhood committee.

In either case, the neighbor, neighbors or the community affected can report the situation and to find solutions to end the abuse that is suffering.

The first step will always be talk among those involved, then the president of the community and the administrator to convene a meeting and discuss the matter. The last step is to file the complaint. To doubt whether a situation is not reportable, see administrator and a lawyer to proceed in the most appropriate manner.

The reportable behaviors in a community can be very annoying, it is best to find a solution as soon as possible to avoid greater evils of any kind. Now enjoy your Homeowners Insurance MAPFRE informing their conditions and price in a single call.

  • Subject of the complaint: governed by rules of coexistence.
  • Statutes: not respecting carries her complaint.
  • Noise: at night, the boundaries are between 25 and 35 decibels, and by day 80.
  • When: Before a period of 6 months or barred.

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