Renovate The Kitchen And Simply Painting Bathroom Tiles

We arrived at our bathroom or kitchen and realize that it is no longer the nice new space once was. The tiles seem yellowish, dull and we have the impression that they are always dirty. We would like to have enough money to completely renovate these spaces. Surely more than one person is identified with those moments when we apetecería give a twist to our bathroom or kitchen. It is now easier than ever with the technique of tiles painted with synthetic enamel. We teach you how to paint the tiles and give a new look to your kitchen or bathroom without reform or any type of work.

The tiles are usually one of the elements most ungrateful of the kitchen or the bathrooms. In the first, typically they remain impregnated in the second fat or lime soap. However, if you want a “facelift” and a radical change of image, with little money and effort you can get.

It is clear that with the passage of time the tiles tend to deteriorate, but now you no longer need to change completely as we did once, but use a much simpler technique with which we will save a large sum of money: paint with special paint , based on synthetic enamels. What do we need? Only a brush (or roll) and special paint.

This type of paint is found in DIY stores all colors, gloss, matte and satin. We recommend mate, especially because, unless we professional painters, there may be slight imperfections that do not mate will notice. The synthetic enamel paints are very durable, resistant to moisture, giving a brilliant result because they are made of oil and dry very fast. Other options include those acrylic or water-based glazes.

Where and how to buy

In any DIY store you can give them. For example, in Leroy Merlin you have about 25-30 euros per liter. From their website you will see their characteristics (lacquered, metalized, bright …), and have available many colors for interior tile, from aubergine to blue sky, arctic gray, tangerine, slate, cake … Do not forget that if your kitchen or bathroom are small, better go for soft, light colors to give space and light, but can also give a touch of vivid color.

Choose design

If your tiles are white or a “bland” color, maybe it is time to give them a bit of joy and vitality. As a pistachio green, blue, a purple … choose the color you like and visualize it in your bathroom or kitchen. You can also simply paint them white to renew, but the effect will be less. Another option is to combine colors in each tile; for example, on a white base paint some olive green tiles; or combine two colors chessboard type. Fire up your creative side and have more clear what kind of new look you want to give your bathroom or kitchen.

Let’s do it!

First, remove the necessary furniture to paint at home and always avoiding not stain. Complicated removing furniture (such as a kitchen, for example), you can simply preserve paint covering them with masking tape at the corners, so if you “go overboard” not end up painting her. You can also protect them with plastic or similar. Install a bunch of newspapers or plastic on the floor to avoid smears. Remember that many of these products will help us, too, to renew the floor tiles and even give a new look to our rooms.

Then clean the surface thoroughly before painting. Many times, simply with hot water and soap, but difficult to remove limescale or grease, in a previous post of, we show you how.

Remember that tiles must be very clean before you get to paint and seals. Otherwise, the effect will not be good. Let them dry properly, avoiding any residues of lint or similar rags, before we start painting.

Depending on the type of paint you choose or even color, the manufacturer in the instructions will indicate how you should apply (the drying time, the number of layers, how to dilute it …). The enamels need to be dissolved in turpentine oil and water based simply water. The instructions are bare bones to follow and everyone can do it. If you’re going to paint large areas of the same color, using a roller. If you dare to try other colors or the surface is small, with a brush it will suffice. There are no special instructions or primers. Well ventilated kitchen or your bathroom during that does not smell and dry before painting.

Remember that there may be specific for each surface enamel. It is not like painting a tile or ceramic stoneware furniture (for example, a door kitchen furniture) or a wooden table.

Synthetic enamels (some of them are valid for both movable and tile) are easy to clean, give a very professional result (better mate), but have never painted anything before, and endure very well humidity (necessary in the case of bathrooms) Before washing for the first time after being painted, let the necessary time, as indicated in the instructions. In addition, another advantage of these glazes is that you can put on them stickers. This is useful if you want to paint borders or drawings on the kitchen tiles.

In a single afternoon, following the instructions given us in the store or find to buy the product, we can convert an old kitchen in a modern and new, like a bathroom. You will see how this technique allows you to renew your home with an effect that you’ll love.

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