Renewal Plan Castilla La Mancha Windows, Subsidized !!

If you decided to buy new windows and live in Castilla la Mancha this is your chance, they are subsidized !! What is the Plan Renove windows Castilla la Mancha?

The regional government of Castilla la Mancha subsidizes change windows with more efficient and energy saving.

This plan is regulated by the Order of 15/04/2015, the Ministry of Development, for which the regulatory basis of aid for replacement windows are set.

The program is aimed at individuals located in the territory of Castilla la Mancha to promote energy conservation and energy efficiency.

You can apply for the subsidy provided that it: Replacement windows as a whole (frame and glazing) with new ones. Installing double-glazed windows (only if the existing window is left and an outdoor new is added). The replacement of the crystals only.

Length windows Renewal Plan

The Renewal Plan Castilla la Mancha windows began October 16, 2014 and will run until October 15, 2015 provided that funds are available. How much money will subsidize me?

The grant is € 110 per square meter for replacement windows (windows and frames) or installing double windows, and € 24 per square meter if the windows are replaced only.

Both have a maximum limit of 3,000 euros per household and the aid may not exceed 35% of the cost of the subsidized activity.

The eligible cost = purchase + installation, with VAT included.

It not included as eligible item or blinds mosquito nets (although come to the window) and enclosures (terraces, drying, etc.) whose installation is new. Where I have to go to apply for the grant?

To take advantage of the scrappage scheme windows Castilla la Mancha, first go to a dealer or installer of windows, it is they who can best advise you of the conditions and the type of window that is suitable for the grant and for your case.

Then you have to fill in Annex I of the Order 15/04/2015 (Directed to the Directorate General of Industry, Energy and Mines of the Ministry of Public Works) and register the request in one of the offices of information and register of Castilla la Mancha or through the Virtual Office of the Ministry of Development. You may be interested to grant Buying Guide New windows aluminum windows meet requirements for joining the Plan Renove

There are several minimum requirements of the Renewal Plan Castilla la Mancha windows you must meet so that you can benefit from the discount: The installation must be performed in a habitable space, in contact with the outside or with no common living space. The renovation of the windows has to result in measurable energy savings as determined by the technical data from memory to file.

Installing windows have to be CE marked. If you buy windows are aluminum must have thermal break (RPT). The glass surface should at least 30% of the total area of ​​each of the windows. Installed double glazed windows should be reinforced thermal insulation of low emissivity. The total area of ​​the windows should be at least 1 m2, considering the emptiness of work. Windows or glazing must be new.

The applicant for aid should be the legal owner of the property. Depending on the climatic zone windows must meet the following conditions of thermal transmittance (UH) and modified solar factor (Fs Modification): Provincia de Toledo: UH ≤ 2.4 W / m2 K and Fs amend. ≤ 0.40. Provinces Albacete, Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Guadalajara: UH ≤ 2.2 W / m2 K and Fs amend. no restriction. Benefits if you install this type of windows

Replacing windows and meet the minimum requirements of the Renewal Plan Castilla la Mancha windows will get the following advantages: By improving the thermal conditions of housing savings on bills associated with heating and air conditioning. Improved sound insulation. Reduction of condensation and air that can enter the enclosure. That you may be interested glass solar control low-e glass windows custom wood

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