Remove The Salt Of The Brick Walls

Remove the salt of the brick walls

On the walls of exposed brick and stone can appear unsightly and damaging spots, it is the nitrate present in the cement. Remove the salt brick walls only requires a small cleaning job.

Remove the salt in the brick walls is an easy job that only requires:

– Specific Cleaning product.

– Brush.

– Cement.

– Layer.

    With these materials and tools, you can now get down to work, following these steps to clean stains of saltpetre:

    1. Clean the salt of the wall with a special soap product for this purpose you will find in DIY stores. You must apply all over the wall with a brush, insisting on the most affected areas.

    2. Allow to dry a few hours.

    3. Repair any damage cement cracks and holes covering new ground with a new cement mass.

    4. Smooth the repaired areas with a damp cloth to soften the finish and give a smooth appearance.

    5. Allow to dry and paint the wall. We wait 24 hours and apply a varnish walls.

    To remove the salt brick walls with maximum efficiency and minimal work, it is best to clean these spots periodically so that the facade is not too deteriorate and repair work of spaces need not be too deep. To help in maintaining your home, it is essential to have the MAPFRE Insurance Home, enables the best professionals working for you, learn in minutes.

    • Causes: the salt appears due to moisture, either by water or by condensation.
    • Cement: these spots are rooted in the sand with cement that is made, depending on its origin may contain salts that emerge with moisture.
    • Consequences outside the aesthetic damage on the walls, if the salt is not treated can cause paint coatings and fall, for example.

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