Redistribute Your Small House With Plasterboard

If you are considering redistributing your small house with plasterboard, it is important that you consider some characteristics of this material to avoid mistakes during the Reformation, and the end result is a success.

The drywall, plasterboard or gypsum board has been imposed in recent years as an ideal distribution of spaces such as homes or businesses, compared to classical brick walls material presents some significant advantages and some important differences to consider especially if you have decided to redistribute your little house with plasterboard.

Among the advantages of gypsum board include:

• Light Easy to install Easy maintenance Supports different finishes and qualities Economic

Apart from these benefits, such as plasterboard partitions, visual and effectively separating different spaces in a home or any other place like a business or industrial building; however, keep in mind that:

• It is not a sound-insulating material

By itself, does not build plasterboard isolated spaces of sound or noise. Therefore, if you intend or need to create safe spaces noise, no’ll probably go for the drywall and material redistribution.

• Not effective thermal insulation

Neither cold nor heat, plasterboard is not an effective insulator weather conditions, so it does not help to maintain a good climate in the room in which plasterboard walls are created.

• Not waterproof or moisture

It is recommended to use plasterboard, in principle, in areas that have to withstand high humidity or exposed to water splash like kitchens, bathrooms or terraces. Not be resistant to the effects of water that can irreparably damage a wall of plasterboard material.

• Their ability to bear weight is limited

It depends on the quality and thickness of the plasterboard, so always consult your professional interests that we will be installing plasterboard wall on its ability to sustain decorative elements, shelves, shelves or furniture. Maybe if you can hang pictures, but it is unlikely that you can hang drywall on a kitchen cupboard, for example.

Redistribute your small house with drywall is a great idea, provided that takes into account its advantages but also its limitations to avoid unpleasant surprises when you go to release the new layout of your home. Like you do when hiring your home insurance , inform now and within minutes of all the details.

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