Redecorate Your Living Room With Wallpaper

Papering the walls is a current trend decoration again. If you decide to redecorate your living room with wallpaper, you’ll find the market a lot of ways to define your new style.

The paint on the walls currently shares reign with wallpaper between trends in interior decoration, in fact, the combination of both is probably more fashionable alternative. However, to redecorate your living room with wallpaper discover that neither the papers nor the tools are before, now everything is more simple and clean, plus easy.

Currently the supply of wallpaper is rich in quantity and quality. You find with ease all kinds of kinds of designs: flowers, stripes, polka dots, landscapes, numbers, bullets … with which you can create your favorite atmosphere: chic, boho, modern, classic or vintage, are the most popular for living rooms, by ejemplo.El lounge is a perfect stay home to redecorate with the latest wallpapers, always keep in mind some details:

– Wallpaper is less resistant paint, and requires a more delicate maintenance. Although supply is abundant and currently, there are wall papers, for example, which can even be cleaned.

– If you are looking for a modern and chic result, paper from the ground to the middle of the wall and paint the rest. For a more classic finish, cutting space placed a frieze or wood molding.

– To bring light and color, choose papers with bright colors. Even if the print is very heavy, I limit it to only one wall of the room or part, or run the risk of stifling the room and get the opposite effect.

– Avoid placing paper in very sunny places or moisture, although the paper is of high quality will end up being damaged.

– Spaces of much use, step or brush with lounge furniture and accessories are also not very advisable to paper, as they will require ongoing maintenance to look in perfect condition.

Do not hesitate to redecorate your living room with wallpaper and enjoy the great advantages of the new materials and shapes to place much faster and easier. Like hiring your home insurance and advise on their coverage is now very simple, we will call you!

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