Prevent Stains In The Bathtub

Prevent stains in the bathtubStains are a common problem in the home, such as in bathrooms or awnings. In the case of the bathrooms, which is what I will focus today, especially appearing in the shower or tub, as this is where most water flows and perhaps have less care to prevent buildup. They are produced by the contact of water with metallic elements such as faucets, so it is logical appeared in that part of the house.

Although it may seem like a stain that surface and spoils you forever, the truth is there are some tricks that can be performed and that are very effective to eliminate. It is also important to know how to prevent them from reaching to appear. Both things I want to talk today in my article.

To prevent

Prevent stains in the bathtub Avoid leaving wet on the surface of the bath as a razor, a can of a product, plug the tub itself … those things we tend to use them and leave them as is, but they are accumulating that moisture and cause rust stains products if dried can be very difficult to get remove. Dry well all use every day, plus the drain and faucet so they do not rust.

With the products you use with metal base, hairspray, for example, is very effective to put nail polish on the rim of the base, it will prevent rust from forming when you put it on a wet surface.

To prevent

– Vinegar: is an excellent partner, and also a cheap product that we always have at home. It is often said to be one of the best natural cleaners, and attest that it is true. In the case of clean oxide, the key is to heat the vinegar, putting to boil until it reaches a boil. When you soak in it a fine cloth and gently dried stain, you see that quickly disappears.

Prevent stains in the bathtub – Lemon: is also very good, especially if you mix it with borax, wet a cloth and then wipe the stain.

– Bleach: its efficiency is very high, and simply add a few drops directly on the stain. Let act a few minutes and then goes gently sponge or mop.

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