Plants For Extreme Climates

Plants for extreme climates

If you like plants and is your favorite hobby, you do not have to give them up because in your place of residence does not enjoy the best weather. It's all about discovering, selecting and breeding plants to extreme climates.

Too hot or cold climates, some very dry or too wet, which have large contrasts between seasons … They are all extreme climates and none of them are ideal for live or plants or animals or yourself.

However, as you can not always choose where to live, fortunately, nature has its way and extreme weather plants that develop and shine with full splendor in the most adverse weather conditions and all year.

The climate considerably limits the type of plants you can grow, but you also have to consider the space you have available, the soil conditions or time you want or you can spend between otras.Esta selection provides a general classification plants to extreme climates:

1. Trees

If you can and want to plant trees in your plot or garden, also an attic, could resist, although you have to take into account the weight, among the toughest have cedar or olive itself.

2. Climbing plants

These types of plants are very decorative and pleasant in any either wall of a small balcony, a patio or a large garden. The ivy will give you the effect you're looking for and do not require much maintenance for the whole year.

3. Herbs

Perfect for small urban terraces, are very resilient and grateful, they will also provide a pleasant smell in the best nights of hot summer and spring, especially, flood your house. Thyme and lavender are in this group of the toughest.

4. Flowers

In general, the flowers may seem more difficult to care for and maintain in good condition in the most extreme climates; However, the great variety of flowers allows us to choose between the least sensitive. Hydrangeas are a perfect example in this group.

With a little patience and choosing according to your tastes and needs among these proposed plants to extreme climates, we managed to enjoy gardening regardless of the climate and the area where you live. Similarly, chosen according to your personal circumstances, your homeowners insurance MAPFRE, we listen and we recommend a single phone call.

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