Planting Cherry Tomatoes With Aerogarden

Decoration tips - With aerogarden you can grow a large variety of plants (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs, pepper) and herbs along with flowers. you do not need a garden or pot, this smart garden is perfect for flats and apartments.

Planting Cherry Tomatoes with Aerogarden

Planting Cherry Tomatoes with Aerogarden

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You see, planting cherry tomatoes at home is a very simple and very thankful work. In a few steps you can enjoy a delicious raw material in your kitchen to prepare or accompany the dishes that you like.

  • Cherry tomatoes: they are a delicious vegetable that appeals to almost everyone, tomatoes are delicate but can grow at home.
  • Sowing: sow them in seed must be between January and April, maintaining the temperature and humidity.
  • Planting: March to June there is to transplant the seedlings into pots or planters, and watering all the surface so that the tomato can keep germinating.

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