Creative Gardening To Plateng Cerry Tomatoes

Decoration tips - The pots and planters should have holes to facilitate drainage and adapt to the needs of the plants, depending mainly on the depth or shallowness of the estate and, in general, we have more success if instead of planting seeds got the plant and germinated

Creative Gardening to Plateng Cerry Tomatoes

Creative Gardening to Plateng Cerry Tomatoes

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Planting is usually done between January and April in a hotbed and the process takes about 45 days. You will have to:
– Fill each hole with substrate with a seed to 0.5 cm deep.
– Cover with vermiculite to maintain moisture.
– Maintain a constant temperature of 24 ° C.
When the March to June can be made transplants of seedlings, which will measure about 15 cm and will be composed of 2 or 3 leaves. They must be passed to a pot or full of manure, leaving a space between each plant 15 or 20 cm planter. After that we’ll just make sure that water and cherry tomatoes are located next to a tagete or Chinese carnation, for its smell prevent the attack of the nematode or roundworm.

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