Partition Wall Design Ideas For Interior Design

The zoning of residential space has a profound meaning of human existence. We want peace and quiet in the bedroom, a concentrated mood in the working office , a comfortable rest in a secluded corner. But not always we are able to conduct large-scale redevelopment of apartment or house. What should I do? Easy to install and easy to place, sliding interior walls – a practical alternative to a radical reorganization of space.

Receptions zoning with Partition

The versatility of the use of sliding partitions and really appreciated the owners of large apartments. Simple and practical design allows you to make significant changes in the appearance of the home, combining stylish decor with the necessary functionality.

In the first place in the methods of zoning space by sliding doors is the separation of the kitchen and living room.

Removing and installing a monolithic wall of the movable structure capable of and to increase and decrease the space, we solve two problems at once – in the first place, pushing the barrier and get free access from the kitchen to the dining room, with no extra doors and narrow passages. Second, move the flaps partition – and restore the boundaries of the front room and kitchen.

Tip! The studio apartment sliding partitions, accordion solve the problem of workplace, isolated bedroom or quiet children’s corner. Mobile and light, they are effortlessly removed on the day and also to quickly and easily divided into zones night apartment space.

For studios sliding partition becomes a kind of decorative elements, allowing to make a greater comfort in a huge open space. This is especially important for young owners and creative individuals. Planning a cheerful friendly party – simply pushes the wing walls and get a huge dance floor. I would like to read your favorite book or watch a new movie without disturbing the rest of the members of the household – and then sliding partition comes to your aid.

The country house, with a beautiful winter garden, sliding glass partitions do not hinder a beautiful sight, and at the same time, support is necessary for the climatic balance of plant.

Relevant sliding design and a spacious kitchen. You can use it to separate the work area from the dining, applying as a general style to both areas and issued them in various color and design directions.

Materials for walls

The choice of material partitions depends on three factors: style of the room, the personal preferences and functional purpose of the product. This means that when planning to install a mobile separator space, keep in mind what it is you need, what kind of style you are going to write and how often they are going to use. To help you, we have prepared a short overview of all on the market models.

The glass partition looks very impressive. It may be made of opaque or transparent glass, stained glass or with the elements of digital printing. It goes well with all styles, but does not give a full sense of isolation when required.

Wooden models in which the fabric is made of a thin veneer or laminate panels are used in the classical interiors. However, their use should be approached with carefully thought-out plan of interior accommodation. A blank wall that mimics the wooden partition, is organic for the office or bedroom. A perfect solution would be executed in the form of a wooden frame and glass inserts. It is undesirable to use wood in the kitchen or bathroom, where humidity may damage the material.

Aluminum walls are light and practical, but are unstable to mechanical damage. If you often take visitors or have noisy children going to the company, these models can not withstand accidental impact and deform. This is an excellent option for small-sized housing single person or an elderly couple.

By the way, the partition-and harmonica screen – is a universal model for a variety of styles and rooms. They can be used on wood and glass, and aluminum and plastic.

Partitions made ​​of plastic and Plexiglas – are modern trends, based on the discovery of new materials for the construction and decoration. They have one special advantage: they can be made ​​in the form of vertical blinds . That is, when the assembly takes a minimum of space, which is very important in small rooms.

For a rustic and ethnic style, designers offer leather and bamboo. These materials are comfortable and easy to care for, give the environment a special glamour and plastic enough for all kinds of walls.

From the latest innovations, offering manufacturers, select radius and mirror design. First allow zoning complex interiors, second visually expand the space, which is certainly welcome owners of small-sized housing.

Types of sliding mechanisms

By the principle of moving apart walls are divided into rail and threshold-free. As you can imagine, with rail “during” on the floor and ceiling mounted rails along which moves the canvas walls. For a large room this design is not important, but in a small apartment on the floor once the element is not very attracted tenants. In this case, better to choose a threshold-model.

In defense of rail structures, we can say that they are more reliable in terms of sound insulation, but the threshold-design themselves emit little noise when using them. Obviously, for the children’s corner-threshold model is preferable to the partition.

Advantages of sliding partitions

If we talk about the advantages of such a zoning, the sliding partitions for the zoning of the space in the room – is primarily the mobility and variability. Mobile design simultaneously performs two important interior features: ergonomic support space and gives options to the zoning of the premises.

An important advantage is the ability to partition their decoration. Such unexpected metamorphosis especially for lovers of frequent changes. At the same time, sliding partition allows you to find any of the household at the time of the quiet island for a personal space where you can read in peace, or indulge in reflections on the upcoming reality or just a dream.

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