Paper Butterflies Decorated In 3 Dimensions

Paper butterflies decorated in 3 dimensions

The decoration on walls in 3D is fashionable. There are many who find great beauty to the effect that gets onto the walls, making one or more corners of our house in a place of raging originality that makes all eyes alighting on him. Moreover, its great advantages is that this decoration give a renewed look to our rooms, we can do easily and manually, and also can remove it when we please.

Paper butterflies decorated in 3 dimensions

The element is used for decoration in three dimensions that are recreated pictures or compositions paper butterflies. This form of beauty is often chosen because it can give the effect of "imitate" the flight of the butterfly, giving a natural and curious aspect in our house. If you dare to give an extra life point to one of your corners, that's how you can do it.

Choose material

The paper is one of the cheapest materials and as do need to create several compositions that draw attention, one of the most recommended. Furthermore, stationeries lot of them are sold and in a huge variety of colors at a low price. Depending on your taste, there are many types of paper you can choose from that will be trying to keep static (for example, crepe paper is not recommended) and that are not too fine; that is, they meet the highest strength and beauty need. Another option, especially if we want to create a composition spoiling go more slowly, are the cards. Many people, however, decanted by other materials such as fabric.

Paper butterflies decorated in 3 dimensions

Paper crafts

To create this set, we must first make small paper butterflies, of uniform size or several of them. If you choose a single tone (contrast with the wall as wall black on white or vice versa), will give a more elegant look, while the color scheme will be great on children or similar rooms. Since many stores selling these butterflies ready to be pasted on the walls easily, although you can also confeccionarlas yourself, cropping on paper or with the technique of origami. To do this, you can choose either to purchase paper color or colors we have chosen old or magazines. Decántate a design in your scene (an explosion of butterflies that result in an effect similar to fireworks, swirls, rivers, butterflies out of a box you can put on furniture, or various forms, like the sun or a musical note ). Then calculated how many you will need.

Paper butterflies decorated in 3 dimensions

The easiest way to make them is chosen by stacking multiple pages of paper, draw on one shaped like a butterfly and cut all, so that we will have obtained in one cut an array of butterflies. Then a piece of cellophane or specific glue for walls, we can already go placing them, trying to recreate the design that we like. A curious way is to start hitting many butterflies and go leaving more space between them as we move upwards. This type of butterflies become thinner and less consistent than those made with origami technique, but also much faster to do. An intermediate solution is to repeat this technique, but with cardboard. This will make them more resistant and durable, unless you want this decoration over temporarily (for example, for a party).

Paper butterflies decorated in 3 dimensions

These butterflies can leave them in a color or decorate them yourself (helping, for example, your children), with markers, adhesive stars, glitter, decorative balls, gommets, tree branches and so on. In a room or the like, it would be very well this composition in pastel colors (choosing no more than two or three) with butterflies of various sizes.

Paper butterflies decorated in 3 dimensions

The most important thing when making this decoration yourself is:

– That the butterflies are well made and properly trimmed. Although it is a set, one wrong cut can afearnos the composition.

– They must be securely fastened to the wall, especially if the composition is close to a window or subjected to drafts. If the butterflies are going to fall, we lose the essence of the whole that we have created.

– Use an adhesive material that does not leave marks. So, we can make these compositions temporarily or change when we get bored of the way first. (There are so many possibilities!). We must not ruin our wall.

– Visualize in advance to result in a nice composition, glued begun getting carried away by a mere improvisation.

– Take into account the other elements: The wall color (just highlight a few butterflies in a light color if the wall is white), the tone of the room, the objects that are around, and so on.

Paper butterflies decorated in 3 dimensions

Not only can we use these figures to create a three-dimensional design. And with them we can do things like coat the glass of a lamp to give it a new look, make garlands of butterflies for a party or use them to decorate the tables for a special dinner.

I hope you liked these ideas to do with butterflies. Of course, we have chosen this way because it is one of the best aesthetic results you get, but you can choose the one you want: polka dots, flowers or hearts, we leave it to your liking. Dare to convert the "bland" corner of your home in a place that attracts attention for its beauty.

Paper butterflies decorated in 3 dimensions

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