Original Ideas Pots And Planters Recycled

The easiest way to decorate a balcony is placing pots and planters filled with flowers or plants. But we are in an era where everything smells like normal, typical or expected, we are bored a lot.

Now we want to see different, nice, fun, amazing things! Here you have a lot of ideas with photos of original pots and planters recycled wood logs.

What the plants nothing happens?

Plants and flowers can live in all sorts of places, so they adapt very well to any medium, provided of them have sunlight and water. So forget about buying those ugly clay pots, buy a metal bucket, use an old lamp, or recycles concrete block work, you’ll see that good is left.

Recycled pots with metal cubes

These cubes are made of galvanized metal, so they are protected against oxidation, being perfect for use as recycled pots and planting flowers, plants or cactus, because we can water them and take them outdoors without fear of spoilage. The ideal is to make a small composition of several different shapes and sizes, will give a dynamic touch to your terrace and relaxed.

Wooden planters made ​​of logs

The wooden planters are a great to typical alternative terrazzo pots, but if we give another turn to the idea and seek a good tree?

If you live in a rural area it will be very easy to find one, however if you live in the city may have to move the mountain. If you do not want to complicate, try to go to a specialized shop decoration, usually have very nice things. Nor do you need to be a big trunk, there are smaller solutions that look great on a floor.

This type of planters with small logs work well for plants that need little water, such as succulents.

Pots hanging lamps

So far what we have seen it have seemed more or less normal, modern but not too rare. But using chandeliers and potted’s a little rarer hehe, but look good! It’s a super fun and creative way to maximize space and decorate with plants and flowers areas that are not the usual.

If you like this kind of original recycled pots you can have a look at this other article on vertical gardens at home, you will see how beautiful! The original ideas Pots and Planters recycled entry appears first Decorate Home.

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