Multifunction Spaces In Your Minipiso Or Apartement

Your small apartment can be very welcoming. But sometimes is not enough, you also need to be comfortable and for that we must seize every hole. A good option is to create multifunctional spaces in your minipiso / Apartment.

The furniture will help you create corners to which will give a day depending on time of use. For example you can put a high bed, bunk bed but below, for space that frees you to have your writing desk where you work. If the bed is great you can also use to place small lockers in the space left below.

If you have a loft approaches the gap left under the stairs for wall mounting a shelf that can serve you both desktop and to leave books or other objects.

With as simple as placing the bed attached to a wall and making a backup to your taste with foam and fabric upholstery with a clear gesture you can have a sleeping area for the night and lounge during the day. And placed the sofa bed will serve.

A good multifunction apartment space in your kitchen is by compressing into a single wall. You can place cabinets with the same paneling behind which is the fridge, hob or gas fires, washing machine and cabinets to store food. So when everything is closed, you get an open space in which to move.

Use wooden boxes or trunks as coffee tables. So you have a multi function space that will serve both as a table and as a space for storage.

You can also use the bathroom as a place to store things like shoes with a small cupboard under the sink. If the ceilings are high you can also place a small shelf above the door.

They are small tricks to create multifunctional spaces in your minipiso. But each has different characteristics and then you have to select. What you must remember is that sometimes adapt the furniture to a small space tends to be more expensive. So should you secure assets covering repairs and cosmetic damage. These features can be found in home insurance .

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