Modern Bathrooms With Design Accessories

Modern bathrooms with design accessories

What could be more pleasant than a nice hot shower in winter and warm in summer? But … what happens when you open your eyes and you see not just inspire you? Well here are a few ideas for you to give a modern touch to your bathroom with designer accessories and other items easy to find!

An overhaul in the times perhaps not a good idea, if you can afford it later, but with four changes can give a new look, the better hehe.

Minimalist design accessories

Minimalism is one of the most elegant and grateful that there are trends allows us to decorate with few things but very nice and with careful design. Besides the bathroom it is one of the areas where it is appreciated, because we can clean fast and if we have it well organized we provide a comforting sense of peace.

Surely you too wrong with you that you do not like holes in the tiles, either because they want to or because you live in rent and the contract specified. As this problem is solved, in the store you can see bathroom accessories without drilling, which allow you to hook them with a strong adhesive that leaves no traces when removed.

A good trick to give a new look is to change the towels more modern, bring a houseplant, and add accessories minimalist style, even the same bathroom the sense of change will be noticeable without reforms.

Wood as a differentiator

Is not it nice the bathroom? If you look there are few elements, the necessary and already is, but the whole is beautiful, it looks clean, neat and fancy a swim in it.

Wood is a great option when decorating these spaces. It can be like the first image using a piece of furniture, or the most natural and attractive, adding plants and indoor trees. It is widely used in Japan to evade everyday in the city and get a little closer to nature idea. No matter the color pattern to follow, natural things always go well, try it and see!

Warm tones to enhance comfort

I remember years ago the bathrooms are decorated in blue or green, as the pools. Even when water does not have to use cold colors, we can give a 180 degree turn and go for warm colors on the walls and floors, contrasting with the green plants and white and silver accessories. It is an assembly that can be very comfortable in sight.

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