Mediterranean Home Decorating

Fresh, lively, colorful and cozy. We could define the Mediterranean style applied to the decor. But it has much more. Through different elements that we will see then you can move the sea environment and all those pleasant feelings caused to your home, wherever you are located.

Mediterranean house collects heirlooms bathed by this sea areas, from Spain through Greece, Italy, Turkey. All they characterized by being very bright and colorful.

The lighting is therefore a key. Especially should opt for natural light to the extent that we can, through large windows that let sunlight flow, devoid of large textile curtains or preventing the stay of clarity is full. The terraces and gardens also allow multitude of decorative possibilities and are very representative of this Mediterranean-style, so they are open and bright.

The white color is essential, too, to achieve this. And is that white walls are another hallmark of the Mediterranean decor, will provide plenty of light to any room, they reflect the going in and get visually enlarge the space.

Details will be those who contribute little flashes of color. No shortage of green and ocher tones, also very Mediterranean, blue strong, soft oranges. Both textiles to decorative items like vases or flowers such as geraniums, jasmine and daisies. And, for example, in Andalusia green and white tones, in Greece they are mostly blue and white, in Morocco earth tones and reds predominate. All this to create highly customized and evocative environments.

Wood and stone are the predominant materials in this decorative style so precious. Stresses in wood furniture and walls which can be included is stone. Wooden beams are to be visible and wrought iron details, for example, provide your stay a very special touch. Straight lines and simple furnishings are perfect for this type of houses. A style always pulling towards minimalism without recharging spaces or abuse the accessories.

On textiles, fruit and souvenir especially land as Tunisia and Morocco, tapestries and carpets will also be present in your Mediterranean home. They give color and personality where the put.

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