Included In Your Home Insurance Free Appliance Repair

Who has not spoiled him some appliances in the most unexpected moment? In this situation of distress, it is good to know that MAPFRE included in your home insurance free repair appliances.

For various reasons, our home appliances can be damaged and always seems to happen at the most inopportune moments, such as the oven when we planned a dinner with friends, the fridge in summer or the dishwasher after a major celebration. At present, it is essential to have the help of an insurer as MAPFRE, which provides repair service appliances white line on your home insurance.

Electronics Repair

If we find the washing machine or dishwasher damaged (or any other) usually suffer a crisis, and that such appliances are staples in our home. Before resorting to buying a new one with the costs that entails, it is preferable to an urgent basis by a specialist who solvent the problem and leave as the first day.

If you have Home Insurance MAPFRE, this problem will be solved at the time and feel totally supported, and that its coverage the assistance of a specialist is included to repair the appliance in question, always with the utmost confidence that offers the company insurer.

And in the case of defective parts?

In case your appliance is spoiled because some part is defective, you should not worry about changing yourself or even search to provide it technical. Specialists Auto Insurance MAPFRE are responsible for supplying and installing the necessary parts. In this way, we will save the cost of getting a new piece, and the time of having to search different stores.

If you’re thinking about changing policy or to hire a new, values ​​that MAPFRE included in your home insurance free repair appliances. So the concerns are over and your house will be in good hands!

  • Repair: includes three hours of labor to a qualified repair mechanical breakdown.
  • Appliances: White range (from washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc …)
  • Rooms: are included within the appliance repair service.

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