Insulation Room Decor With Acoustic Panel Plate

Decoration tips - We have two ways to deal with this isolation on the one hand we can build a second door with veneered panels and profiles 2 "where we can fill the interior with foam or mineral wool, which settled about 5cm official door. finally put sealant tape all edges sponge thing that the sound does not leak through the spaces of the wings

Insulation Room Decor with Acoustic Panel plate

Insulation Room Decor with Acoustic Panel plate

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A work step by step

  1. Purchase a viscoelastic sheet the size of the walls of the room.

2. Remove the baseboard.

3. Place the film in each of the walls and hold it with adhesive.

4. Put metal profiles is making sure a small tube which will place after mineral wool (a powerful acoustic element).

5. Set the new drywall to cover the walls.

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Photos Galery of Making Sound Insulation in a Room

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