Design Insulate A Rehearsal Room Ideas

Decoration tips - The key to success, we have several options, but if the doors and windows did a good job here, the task will be easy. 50cm2 build panels with plywood and edges 2 "(as a tray) and inside sticking a layer of acoustic foam 2" is box-shaped egg. locate one in each corner of the room and one on each wall.

Design insulate a rehearsal room ideas

Design insulate a rehearsal room ideas

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A work step by step

  1. Purchase a viscoelastic sheet the size of the walls of the room.

2. Remove the baseboard.

3. Place the film in each of the walls and hold it with adhesive.

4. Put metal profiles is making sure a small tube which will place after mineral wool (a powerful acoustic element).

5. Set the new drywall to cover the walls.

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