Making Sound Insulation In A Room


Need isolate any part of your house? Whether to keep out external noise or not to leave the inside, today we tell you how to perform acoustic insulation in a room.

Many times we need to isolate one of the rooms of our house because it’s a place to get all the sounds of the street or neighborhood. We can also find in the situation we want to make acoustic insulation in a particular room because we use it as it comes out of cinema, music.

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How to insulate without work?

With some materials will get almost completely reduce outside noise whenever you do not want to spend much money or do work at home:

– Placing a carpet in the place you want to isolate the room will get the sounds from outside. It is preferably thick or high pile wool to absorb the sound.

– Use large tubes filled sponge cloth or fiberglass in the corners of the room.

– Line the back of the frame with fiberglass.

A work step by step

  1. Purchase a viscoelastic sheet the size of the walls of the room.

2. Remove the baseboard.

3. Place the film in each of the walls and hold it with adhesive.

4. Put metal profiles is making sure a small tube which will place after mineral wool (a powerful acoustic element).

5. Set the new drywall to cover the walls.

In the case of soil, it is best to put laminate flooring and under it some kind of material which reduces noise. Another option is the carpet or other anti vibration insulation.

On the roof you will have to place a false ceiling of gypsum board and one to dial an insulating material. Bear in mind that this technique will lower the ceiling 15 cm.

To learn how to perform an acoustic insulation in a room we can not forget the windows, which ideally should have double glazing 4 mm thick at least. Remember that the higher the tube, the better the insulation in general.

  • Without doing much work: put carpets on the floor, cover the tables with fiberglass cloth and put tubes in the corners filled sponge.
  • Do works at home: putting laminate flooring over an insulating material. Put plaster walls and amid a viscoelastic sheet. Finally a false ceiling with insulating sheet.
  • Imperative requirement: to leave an air chamber in all structures.

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