Make A Mezzanine To Take Advantage Of High Ceilings

Make a mezzanine to take advantage of high ceilings

If you try to find space in a home, it is best to think and look up high in the strict sense. If you find space on your head, you have the solution: make a loft to get the high ceilings of your home.

Older houses and some areas are characterized by very high cathedral ceilings in many cases, this space is part of the house, but in most cases not used and sometimes even gives problems when choosing a lamp appropriate at this stage, for example. A good solution and a very practical use is to make a mezzanine to take advantage of high ceilings and enjoy extra space for storage, among other uses.

Create a loft it supports almost all possibilities in terms of materials, shapes, structures and even applications. Must be assessed, therefore space, we prefer to use the possibilities of work or reform and budget.

As a starting point to inspire ideas, the most common attics in existing housing are:

• An extra bedroom

It seems like magic, but it is not, it is a resource of DIY and interior decoration very common. This is a very common option especially suitable apartments or loft not many meters, but with a very high or high roof area can take advantage ceilings. It is usual to do a little work in your chosen area, preferably against a wall of the housing, so that a platform-metal or wood work is installed, it is most commonly, consistent and resistant to the weight of a bed provided , an armchair and a comfortable, for example, although the furniture may increase depending on the space and the strength of the attic.

• A space for reading

Similarly to the above, but in this case given the use, it is best to position the attic near a window or natural light, maybe you can take advantage of a skylight or roof window or roof of the house. You need to do a little work to set up a platform, for example wood, on which you will install several shelves with your books, a comfortable reading chair and a point of light, a lamp, for example. If what you like is sewing, patchwork or some other type of craft, this space achieved with the loft, is also perfect. In the same vein the attic can be converted into office or workspace and cinema, music and television.

• Storeroom

One of the most common uses of these extra spaces that are created when a loft is the storage room or storage space for items such as luggage, bikes, tools, bedding or different seasons, as well as footwear, and other types of things you need to store in your home. The space for this purpose never enough in a house, and build such loft is very useful and practical. In this case, the conditions required are minimal, the basic point with high ceiling and a convenient way to access it.

• In the garage

Maybe your home does not have wide ceilings, but if you have a garage, basement or the like, you may have spaces with high ceilings or just a corner or corner of these places that you do not mind give in order to win a practical loft to store goods . For this use, perhaps most practical is to choose a metal platform, robust and consistent also be easy to maintain and endure changes in temperature and humidity possible. Surely the most appropriate is a completely closed and access a drop-down attic stairs, because its use is not as common as in the case of attics that are inside the houses.

Although it depends on the type of attics and the dimensions of this, generally make a mezzanine to take advantage of high ceilings is a simple, practical and economic reform but takes time, it can be accomplished by DIY enthusiasts with some skill and practice. Remember that this new space gained your house, enjoy the benefits and coverage Auto Insurance , now research in one call, leave us your phone!

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