Landscape Design Ideas For Beautiful Place

The outdoor space is very important in human life, that is why the need to build green space to create comfortable environments to enjoy the heat, the sun, nature and leisure, stands, strictly speaking activities that improve the quality of life of people.

Inn Design proposes the right solution for every need and what is expected of a given space, either to enjoy reading, a moment of relaxation in the sun and shade in the colors and textures that nature gives us.

When we talk about outdoor spaces we also refer to the facades of the houses, which over time can be impaired or have lost their aesthetics, adapt to propose new designs, incorporating new materials and applying our philosophy.

Are you starting to build or redesign your garden? Then, you could serve these tips on the basics of garden design to address the assembly of outdoor gardens, especially if your looking for give coherence, unity and identity to your space. Because while the landscaping does not have strict rules and depends on the tastes and needs of those who will live it, to achieve certain effects, create spaces or transmit sensations, if we follow a certain organization or have some elements.

One way to create you assemble the garden is a focal point of relevance, that is, something that appeals to look over the rest of the design and organize the spaces around. This can be achieved from plants, or with some important furniture. Above, we see the whole garden deck organizes.

Another factor to consider is the choice of plants, which must be designed with care. We should choose plants that will adapt well to our space and the characteristics of their land and light. And of course, combine colors, heights and textures smooth and enjoyable. Do not forget to take into account seasonality and the requirements of each species. There is nothing sadder than a garden withered!

he games between the lines, symmetry and asymmetry is another guide to think the garden. As we see in this case, where the main stonemason and the gazebo where they located the dining room are in perfect diagonal, leaving everything open garden space. And now with these tips to work!

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