How To Laminate Flooring

Over the years and through further research and development of new materials, flooring and floating floors have evolved, not surprisingly, to wooden floors; both natural and synthetic.

However, even though there is a European standard UNE classifying the different types of wood floors, some dealers and sellers in offering customers products mixed concepts that confuse the buyer.

What is laminate flooring?

According to the UNE-EN 13756, the stage or solid parquet floor is a natural solid wood which by its nature is installed tongued and nailed some strips (parquet) or gluing.

Today, like materials, installation methods have evolved. The most widely used is the floating system, with which the tables are supported continuously over the base but without adhering to it, that is perched above the ground are not nailed or glued.

So the term Floating how it fits? we will try to explain in the following Terms they can confuse you. As we said at the beginning some vendors are using the terms incorrectly. One of the most common practices in most places is called floating floors to floors  multilayer parquet; (See the last section it is).

In other floating platforms called what they are laminate flooring. And curling over the loop some use all kinds of combinations:  Laminated Parquet “,” floating laminate Parquet “,” Laminated floorboards “,” laminate Laminate flooring “and sure some more.

Whenever the word parquet or laminate flooring to word mix, you will be confused and do not really know that you are buying because they are completely different products, one is wooden and the other is synthetic.

In conclusion we can say that if you buy laminated flooring note that is a misused term and has a variable meaning, so when in doubt question that the ground material is made that you like.

Although we will see the differences in the last paragraph if you still have doubts or want to dig a little deeper, if you click on this article you can see the different types of parquet (wooden floors) that exist in the market so that your purchase is optimal. Floating platform products to choose

It has already become clear what the solid stage, but being the most expensive material is not the most sold. There are other types of more affordable land that perfectly meet their function and are also very nice addition. Let’s see the best known:

hardwood: it is very commonly and erroneously known as laminated flooring. It is closest to the platform choice is made of several layers where only the top (which is depressed) is hardwood, the other layers is wood composites such as pressing chipboard, DM or MDF or wood low rolling calidad.Suelos: it is sometimes erroneously known as laminated flooring.

It is a synthetic soil imitating wood, is also formed of several layers on top of paper an image which is what mimics the veins and resins and additives that give abrasion resistance sticks are added. The remaining fiber layers is high density vinyl DM.

A synthetic floor that mimics wood that stands out for its high durability and resistance to traffic and moisture. It consists of several layers of PVC and fiber vidrio. Parquet mosaic: ancient soils are not usually installed today but still exist in many homes. Tablets are small drawings into squares or other shapes, that if they are natural wood. Floating wood post belongs to Folat.Org.

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