Invisible Doors For Your Home

Invisible doors are popular in home decoration as they allow you to have a very original space in any room. It’s not about magic, it comes to doors that follow the same line of decorative wall, so just look only at details like the handle or hinges. If you have the ability to put them into your home, the truth is that the result is great.

Experts recommend this trend in interior design especially for people who want to have all the stay at the same level, showing a unique concept thanks to a continuity that is quite original and innovative. The advances of recent years have allowed the design of doors without frames or hinges, so if it were not for the doorknob would not know where the door is.

A unique atmosphere

Invisible doors allow you to achieve, especially suitable for minimalist rooms but really can fit into almost any style transparent and fully discharged space. Also it looks great in homes that are decorated in a modern style. If your wall is Gotele, it is better to take it off before opting for this space, and it would be very difficult to achieve the desired effect.

As you can see in the photographs, the doors hardly noticeable, the same line is followed in all the wall that makes the result is amazing. The trend is so strong that there are sliding doors, so do not handle or any accessory you have to throw. That makes it really look like a single wall where no door. There are also folding.


Today, being trend, you can find a variety of designs, and also choose your own to fit perfectly with the rest of the stay. With or without handle, hinged, sliding, bright, lacquered … certainly is quite possible that many find perfect for the stay in which you want to put. Special mention the wood, which are perfect if the room is rustic. Finally, it is important that the door combine with the ground and with the decor of the room, so the visual effect is of higher quality.


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