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We invite you to continue also in Facebook Decoration 2.0 Decoration of more than 1 million friends. One of new trends is the hipster style, and yes, it has also reached the world of decoration! Want to know how?

One of the decorating trends this year is the word that comes from a subculture linked to independent music. A minority that departs from current cultural values ​​and is akin to an alternative lifestyle. Nostalgic character, but completely different vintage touches.

Now he enters the world of decoration and we love it! It is fashionable to flood the homes of hipster trends. In today’s post we propose several ideas that reflects the purest retrograde and yet modern style. Do not miss it! What Hipster mean?

It is that group of people who are characterized by having a vintage taste, an alternative and independent style. These people are against all that commercial culture today as maestream call is that, being hipster also indicates that organic foods and handicrafts opt.

It is a varied and retrograde old style vintage prints. In the world of decoration we will see some ideas to get the hipster decor in which we use everyday and old objects but they are of moda.Decoración bikes

You can not miss. If anything characterizes this trend is nostalgia and eco-life. One method to avoid polluting the world is to use bicycles. Now we can see among the top items in this type of decoration.

The idea of ​​decorating with bikes is not like we already knew before, it gives a completely surprising twist, why? They are typically used for anywhere in the home. In the bathroom, hung on the wall as a shelf. In addition, there are also those who prefer to decorate with bicycle parts, namely, a single wheel, handlebars or saddle exposed as decorative objects.

Decoration full of nostalgia – As mentioned, nostalgia is one of the values ​​that this trend brings us into the world of interior design. And it is a feeling that he misses the last time, the vintage trend, very old furniture and many prints anywhere in the home. Sheets with a touch of humor, phrases yesterday and today, mythical typewriters lifetime, the decals as the only way to listen to music. Must ask essential in decorating hipster

Something very significant in the hipster style is a small mustache shaped symbol called must ask. It is a set of English words which relate the concept of the verb ask mustache. Thus we see that the hipster intention is totally different and alternative to see this kind of decorative objects so peculiar.

Rimmed glasses, bicycles, flowers and whiskers now on wherever you can imagine. The trend of the whiskers has totally been a fever. We have seen it in cases for mobile devices, comforters, decorative boxes and even kitchen utensils, it has left its mark! clearances for hipster style

A touch of statism and spaciousness, ocher and wood are the protagonists of this style, pastry reasons. Hipster style also has a rustic profiles that make materials like wood or animal figures like deer (synthetic, of course) are used.

Unlike the vintage style prints and always full of antiques, the hipster decor is based on having open spaces in which to place the odd decorative object such as bicycles, old paintings and even floral motifs, but without burdening the environment.

When decorating a vintage space need not let yourselves too much money, as this style is defined by something independent, alternative and out of popular values ​​of society. Simple tables, ornot made by ourselves, antique bicycles, books, flowers, a camera as decorative objects … You can play with vintage style and build your hipster corner.

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