Choosing Ideal Interior Doors Design

If you are looking for interior doors you’ve come to the right place. First of all it is essential to know why there is so much difference in price between doors and others.

Generally, interior doors are wood or combination of wood and glass, the problem is that depending on the type of wood with which are made the price go up or down through the roof, so we need you to be informed to know what you buy .

Interior Doors Why are some interior doors so cheap?

Apparently outside the doors are equal positions, I’ll stick with the cheaper, right ?. Well, do not apply this rule of thumb if you will not go wrong.

When we look at prices of interior doors trying to find a good quality / price, in the end it is closely related, the manufacturing process of the doors is similar, but the material used varies Though outwardly we do not see clearly, so if you do not specify question !!

But I wonder? This is what you need to know to buy wisely:

Today the doors are not completely solid, ie 100% natural wood, since they would have very high costs, are made in two phases, the interior and exterior finish.

The interior finish can be hollow or solid. Hollow doors are called when manufactured with a solid structure made of cardboard and MDF is used when agglomerates. As you will understand the hollow doors are cheaper because the material is worse.

The exterior finish is what you see. The materials may be synthetic (imitate wood), or natural wood can also be lacquered (painted directly). Also the price varies being cheaper synthetic and lacquered wood and the most expensive.

If you combine the two previous phases you get the value of the door you need. For information on these concepts a little more in detail read this article, wooden doors inside interiores.Puertas as functionality and design

Now that you are clear about the basics must decide the type of door according the functionality you need for spaces where you put them. The decision may be on multiple grounds from decorative up space disponible.

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