Ideas To Improve A Bathroom

Time flies when we’re in the bathroom, either to give us a refreshing shower, brush our teeth, wash our hands or simply reign as king. For many people the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house but it is curious that although it is also the least care. When we talk about decorating in the living room or bedroom, but the truth is that the bathroom offers an infinite universe of decorative possibilities.

A very interesting to improve the bathroom trick is to give a greater feeling of spaciousness using white, glass and mirrors. These are elements that visually enlarge the room. It also tries to optimize the height space with columns or shelves, and will take advantage every corner without the result is recharged.

On the other hand, the bathroom is where we relax and where comfort is the most appreciated feeling. A shower with a little background classical music may be the most restful time of day or warm bath in winter without temperature changes in the water thanks a lot.

Replace Bathroom Curtain

Here’s our suggestion: replacing the curtain by a screen or screen and prevents splashing and slipping, either shower or bath. Another aspect to consider is the taps, for example thermostatic provide hot water immediately and keep the temperature constant. Goodbye to changes from hot to cold water. These taps can be found in stores such as Leroy Merlin.

The bathroom accounts for almost three-quarters of water consumption in the home. What equivalent to 108 liters per person.

In the bathroom the money flows through the faucet. The more water consumed, the greater our bill. Let the water run until it is hot shower is something that almost all do and that means pulling down the drain about 3285 liters of water and 6 euros per person per year. Again, thermostatic faucets solve this problem because supply hot immediately to avoid having to dispose of a drop.

Apart from the taps, the toilet is another great waste of water. True, it is indispensable, but can limit with new dual flush systems, is as simple as installing a new mechanism. The dual switch lets you choose between two types of download: Part (2 or 3 liters) or full (4 or 6 liters). So depending on whether they are more or less we can choose what suits us and save hundreds of liters of water.

You see, major reforms are needed to give a new look to the bathroom. With small changes we can achieve great results, both in decor and comfort. Investing in our home is to invest in quality of life.

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