Ideas To Decorate The Wall If You Live In Rental

If you live in a rented apartment it is quite possible, as happens to me, that the owner does not want to make holes for hanging pictures. Therefore we must seek temporary alternatives to leave our beautiful story and life, because nothing walls are dull, do not you think?

The most important thing is that no traces or marks stay once we leave the floor, so we have to use your wits. Here are a few ideas to decorate the wall if you live rent.

Washi Tape

One of the revolutions in decoration and DIY in recent years has been the Washi tape. It’s not like the tape of life, but much more manageable, easier to work with designs and prints much more attractive.

There are many types and colors, if you do not like as colorful as in the photo above, you can do less striking designs. The good thing about this film is that it can be removed without damaging the wall. But first beam test in inconspicuous places, because if the plaster or paint are of poor quality possibly rise to loosen it.

And if you prefer more minimalist decor with black and white design, the following insurance tones idea you like. The truth that how easy it is to do and how cheap it out, the result is great.

But not all have to be lines, you can also buy it with shapes and mosaics make it your own, such as the heart of the next photo. But keep in mind that this type of design requires planning and measurement is not easy it is so perfect.

Wall Decals

Wall tattoos are removable stickers that offer far more spacious than the previous possibilities. They are usually made of vinyl and prepared to be able to retire when you want without looking up painting.

What makes them so special is that it can be printed with the design you want, and the truth that look great.

Wallpaper temporary wall

This solution is for bolder people, because the chances that when removing wallpaper residue remains is high, as it depends on the product that we use to attach it and the quality of the painting.

A formula that gives good results is to engage the role that we like with a mixture of cornstarch and water. Being natural products can be more easily remove the remains, although I recommend you ask a specialist in this type of work in store.

Hanging pictures without holes

If all the above ideas to decorate the wall in your apartment for rent you do not have liked, and what you want to put pictures, there is a solution for hanging pictures without holes. The link is to an article I wrote a while, there you have all the information you need.

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