Learn The Tricks To Grow Aloe Vera

Decoration tips - The aloe vera , also known as aloe vera is a plant that reigns between medicinal crops. it is also very easy to grow and has multiple applications. you require very little maintenance and can be planted in cultivation table in kindergarten or in our maceto garden and cultivate equally well

Learn the tricks to grow Aloe Vera

Learn the tricks to grow Aloe Vera

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This Learn the tricks to grow Aloe Vera photo galeries of How to Transplanting Aloe Vera

Ways of transplanting aloe vera

This work is necessary for the mother of the aloe vera plant continues to grow and do not run without the need to grow strong leaves space. The transplant must be made in spring during the active life cycle of the plant, but keep in mind that aloe vera should be in adulthood to be transplanted, ie, have between two and five years.

There are several ways to transplant the aloe vera:

– Removing the children, if that had. This part is also known as pins or young and refers to outbreaks born in the base around the mother plant. To eliminate these outbreaks, you can pull the stem, making sure to make it as close as possible to the base of the mother plant, but without touching the root. To get them you will meet a similar but thicker white stem, which should be planted in the land of the new pot or in the garden directly root.

– Cutting off the lower leaves with a sharp knife. Make sure the stem is not less than 20 cm to ensure their growth and then place it in a bowl of water to take root (the water must touch the part you cut). After that it will be transplanted into a pot.

In any case you need a well-drained pot, ie, a container where water circulates well so that the roots do not rot. The last step on how to plant aloe vera ends with the placement in the center and looking for a sunny, warm place to begin to grow smoothly. Note that we should stop two weeks before watering to facilitate the cuts heal.

  • Transplanting aloe vera: is necessary for the mother plant continues to grow.
  • Type of transplant aloe vera: the children themselves or leaves are used.
  • Steps: cutting the sheet by the stem, dip it in water and then in the pot. If they are children, pull them and put them directly into the pot.

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Photos Galery of How to Transplanting Aloe Vera

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