How To Whiten Wood Furniture

Want to give a different decorating your home air but do not have enough budget to buy new furniture? Try bleaching wood. We tell you how!

Whether to make a change to your furniture or to change the color of any specific, here are some techniques for bleaching wood. And do not forget that Home Insurance Total you can enjoy the cover “cosmetic damage” that will cover the costs of repair and aesthetic replacement of the insured property.

How bleaching a wooden cabinet?

Some of the best options for bleaching wood are: – Albayalde: This technique is commonly used for uneven surfaces and the more we are, the better the outcome. It is to sand the surface before bleaching the wood and then dusting it has been. Then you should apply a coat with a brush and remove excess with a carpenter’s plane passing in the direction of the veta.- Hydrogen peroxide: hydrogen peroxide is used normally to 130 volumes to lighten the wood.

The most effective way is to mix 3 parts of hydrogen peroxide with one part ammonia. If you are planning a large amount from the beginning, the mixture will be less effective, so it is advisable to repeat the recommended many times as we need. Must sand the surface first and then apply the compound with a white cloth than cotton. Let stand for a few minutes and then rub with a cloth. The last step to get a result of 10 is wipe with alcohol.

What other products can be used?

To whiten or lighten the wood can also use bleach, sodium hydrosulfite or oxalic acid. Although do not forget to dilute in water or alcohol and acid bleach oxálicoEn restoration chlorine it is also used, but careful to use as it tends to yellow wood with sun exposure. Furthermore, as you finish making the bleaching of wood with this element you have to clean all traces of it. You can do it faster by immersing the timber in a bath with sodium thiosulfate or hydrogen peroxide.

Once you know how to bleach wood and it’s time to paint or varnish, make sure the surface is completely dry and has no other product has been used.

  • Renewing wood: there are some techniques to whiten or lighten the wood.
  • Techniques: the most common are to use white lead or oxygenated water mixed with ammonia.
  • Other products: bleach, calcium chloride, oxalic acid, etc.

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