Beutiful Dog Has Rabies

Decoration tips - Rabies is a disease that affects the nervous system of our pet, so in this post we tell you how to tell if my dog has rabies . anger or rage evil is mostly known as a viral disease that affects dogs and can sicken your nervous system and putting your life and the human beings around him in danger.

Beutiful Dog Has Rabies

Beutiful Dog Has Rabies

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Before that time comes, you must put the rabies vaccine to your dog mandatory. Otherwise, if you know if your dog has rabies and suffering, there is no specific treatment to remove, so you must resort to sacrifice, a very unpleasant for all dog owners solution.

  • Transmission: through saliva, usually following the bite of an infected animal.
  • Vaccine is required to prevent disease, as if the animal is infected there is no cure.
  • Symptoms: bite all without reason, aggressiveness, fever, anxiety, etc …

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Beutiful Dog Has Rabies

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