How To Tell If Your Dog Has Rabies

Rabies is one of the most common diseases among dogs, but thanks to vaccines can be controlled. If you have doubts then we tell you what symptoms to know if your dog has rabies are.

Early warning signs that your dog may have rabies the notice when you see it all with some violence bites without any apparent reason. Mood swings in behavior, not to recognize the owner, poor appetite or find sites that hide are also other symptoms to know if your dog suffers from this disease.

How the nervous system affects

Rabies is usually more common in stray dogs that do not receive basic care and are protected by the necessary vaccinations. This virus is transmitted from one dog to another through saliva, such as by a bite or a fight, and attacks the central nervous system and brain.

In the event that your pet become embroiled in any of these situations, you need to urgently go to the vet to assess whether or not the animal has rabies.

Similarly, a dog rabies can also pass a person. In this situation, it is very important to go to the doctor of your health insurance immediately to analyze the severity of the bite.

Compulsory vaccination

A dog that has been infected by rabies does not usually start to develop symptoms until after several weeks from the occurrence of infection. In some cases, this time may be up to 6 months later.

In the first phase, the animal will have a fever and anxiety. Later, he will suffer a state of extreme excitement and irritability. In the last stage, damage to the nervous system are already irreversible, which leads to salivate more than usual, you may have trouble breathing, and facial paralysis.

Before that time comes, you must put the rabies vaccine to your dog mandatory. Otherwise, if you know if your dog has rabies and suffering, there is no specific treatment to remove, so you must resort to sacrifice, a very unpleasant for all dog owners solution.

  • Transmission: through saliva, usually following the bite of an infected animal.
  • Vaccine is required to prevent disease, as if the animal is infected there is no cure.
  • Symptoms: bite all without reason, aggressiveness, fever, anxiety, etc …

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