How To Remove Stains From Nail Polish

Other articles show you how to remove stubborn stains from clothes from different components. Today we focus on one type of stains quite difficult to remove. We teach you how to remove stains from nail polish.

We can find a wide range of nail polish, both in colors and textures, to bring some colored to provide us with an extra point in our final look hands. The problem occurs when accidentally spotted clothes nail polish or some other object that is around us.

For these emergencies we give a very simple trick to remove stains from nail polish successfully. And if you want to keep your house spotless, we recommend hiring a home insurance offers coverage for cosmetic repair and replacement of the insured property.

To clear a spot like this, the first thing we must do is to differentiate the type of tissue that will try:


To clean a cotton fabric that has been sprinkled with nail polish, we’ll just rub the area with a cloth soaked in acetone. But great care to rub the stain, as we can extend that this simple remedy fail.

In the event that the stain has been expanded to try to eliminate it, we can also implement another trick: Mix two parts of ammonia and turpentine. We apply this mixture very gently rubbing with a nail brush. Then, wash the garment by hand in warm water and liquid soap specific delicates.


Silk, being a much more delicate tissue, we take precautions to remove the stain. In this case we clean it with ether: you have to put a cloth on the back of the fabric and at the same time, plug the stain with a cotton on the obverse.

If the remains of nail polish have not disappeared, we must turn to alcohol at 90 degrees with which we will continue rubbing the area.

Ultimately, if the stain is still present, you must put the garment soak in a bowl of warm water, to which we added a dash of ammonia and liquid soap for hand washing delicate garments. We waited a few minutes, we clarify and secure the garment is new.


As in cotton fabrics, now we resort to acetone, but with more care because we can discolor the area we attack.

To ensure that our pledge will remain the same original color, we can do a test on a piece of tissue that does not display. In the event of fading, we move to the second option: talcum powder. With this solution we’ll just sprinkle on the stain a little talc and wait for a few hours to act. Then brush the stain thoroughly and wash the garment as usual.

As you’ve found, remedies on how to remove stains from nail polish are more than easy and quick. From now on you you will not have to worry about if spilled some nail polish in place that should not.

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