How To Remove Odor In The Washing Machine

How to remove odor in the washing machine

With the passage of time and use, the machine is often acquires a disagreeable odor, which can stick to our clothes. To prevent this situation it is advisable to address these tips to eliminate bad smell in the washing machine.

With four simple tricks you will achieve effectively get rid of odors from your machine:

1. Vent

The best advice and most importantly to remove the odor from the washing machine is also very simple and straightforward, but in many cases it is done out of habit or ignorance. It is to leave open the washer door after each wash. This will be aired and no moisture will accumulate, as if we leave it closed.

2. Dry

It is recommended often with a dry cloth to absorb well, both the drum machine as the rubber door; besides avoiding the dreaded odor, you contribute to lengthen the life of your washing machine, preventing the rubber pique and crack, losing their ability and function.

3. Clean

A good trick is to make a high temperature wash regularly. Be careful because you can not make all kinds of clothes, so take advantage washes linen. In this way, the hot water will serve to clean the dirt particles that accumulate in successive washes and often are the cause of the odor.

4. Filter Maintenance

Finally, it is advisable to clean the washing machine filter, because in there the remains of dirt or lint off the clothes accumulate. It is very easily removed -query the instruction manual for each model of washing machine- washable and perfectly and later put it back without problems. It is a maintenance job that takes a few minutes, however, effectively extend the life of your washing machine, and prevent odors.

These basic tips to eliminate bad odor in the washer are a great help to keep your machine in good condition and enjoy a perfect operation of the machine. In addition, research now your home insurance MAPFRE to keep your home always in perfect condition, despite possible failure or accidental damage.

  • Ventilate: the most important tips for removing odor in the washing machine is proper ventilation of it.
  • Drying: we must also avoid standing water in the drum causing unpleasant odors.
  • Filter: it is recommended to periodically clean the filter of the washing machine and remove any dirt that remain there.

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