How To Prepare The Perfect Barbecue

A classic summer and winter yourself, know how to prepare the perfect barbecue, makes you the ideal host or the guest star of all events, whether held barbecue at home and in a public space.

First of all, it is important to note that for how to prepare the perfect barbecue, safety should be the first ingredient and essential to enjoy both the organization, such as food preparation and a barbecue.

As important as knowing how to create the ideal for cooking meats, vegetables or rice, among other things, on a barbecue fire; It is knowing how to do safe and controlled manner. Emergency resources as a small extinguisher are no more, and of course, have the appropriate space; in addition to the barbecue itself, which either portable or fixed, must have all appropriate security measures: height, stability, ventilation and access.

The margin of safety, if you want a perfect barbecue points:

– Cook foods to the barbecue does not mean abrasarlas over high heat, the perfect barbecue is getting the best coals without burning. Therefore, before placing food you have to get the fire is gone and the coals are ready.

– What food? Almost everything can be done on the barbecue and make a very nice flavor. However, for the more traditional barbecues, family and children committed sausages, burgers and ribs, to the American version. For something more national: bacon, sausages and kebabs of pork or chicken. If you want something fast, one dish you cook once, rice to the fire will be your best allies, any variety of paella. Of course, it includes vegetables such as asparagus, tomatoes or zucchini, among others, for the healthiest guests.

– Do not forget the bread. The type of food that is prepared on a grill, in principle, it is eaten with bread on bread or in the bread, is also a practical way to avoid flatware. Choose different varieties of hamburger buns, muffins or breads cereal or spiced cheese, if you want to give your barbecue an original point.

– Sauces. A typical also complement the food being cooked in barbecue sauces are. There are a variety of alternatives and are ideal to please all diners; from classic, to children, not to mention the international or addicted to food in the world. Prepare a good selection of dressings to round off a perfect barbecue.

Knowing how to prepare a perfect barbecue often depends on practice, space and, above all, to know the tastes of those who will be invited to the meal. Like to discern the best home insurance you have to know the offer .

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