How To Polish Marble

Marble is one of the most sophisticated materials when using it on furniture or floors, but also needs special care. In today’s article we explain how to polish the marble any surface.

For many years, the marble has figured prominently in the raw materials that make up a house and today, this position still crowning place. Its beauty is very different from the rest because it is a limestone treated with heat to bring you the brightness and format so characteristic. To continue maintaining its essence for much longer, we tell you step by step how to polish marble.

Steps to polish marble

1. Gently wipe the surface with a sponge soaked in warm soapy water until the stains are gone, dust or any other dirt.

2. Get floor polishing with diamond discs or silicon carbide. If you are unable to find one of its kind, will also serve you a corundum.

3. Spend the grinding three or four times on the surface so that it is spotless. With smaller grains you can remove cracks, trademarks and any other type of zest.

4. During the process of moving the buffer, you should change the address to leave no marks or rough areas.

5. Recalls that the marble should always be wet when you pass the buffer, although normally they usually have a water tank that will gradually spraying liquid.

As noted in paragraph 3, each grain has a specific use. It is very important that when you finish with a type of grain change to another to remove any remaining particles. Finally and you just have to rinse thoroughly the surface to remove any dirt or stains that have been left.

Thanks to a special pasta you’ll get a higher polishing floors or marble furnishings. How to polish marble is a very simple process that you can perform at home whenever they need your items. In the event that your belongings may other damage, remember that Platinum Home Insurance offers coverage that covers cosmetic damage repair costs and aesthetic replacement of the insured property.

  • Marble: a limestone treated with heat to achieve the brightness and special way. It is a material widely claimed as a symbol of prestige and extravagance.
  • Polish: you must use a specific polishing with diamond discs or silicon carbide.
  • Steps: clean the surface with soap and water. After passing the polishing changing discs and finally give a special paste to shine.

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