How To Organize An Open Kitchen

Organize an open kitchen

Perhaps for space or situation, you see the need to organize an open kitchen for your home or your second home. Do not worry, contemplating some details, you’ll enjoy a full, comfortable and practical space.

The idea of ​​an open kitchen can be a bit complicated to perform because it is not as common or what you are more used to seeing; however, the kitchens in open spaces as a porch or garden, are not that difficult to organize and can be very practical in hot weather.

Moreover, so-called open kitchens in the home -Kitchens room, for example-are becoming more common in family households, as they are a practical alternative and an ideal way to gain breadth in a house.

Whether you’re installing a terrace in an outdoor space like a porch, as if your idea is that your kitchen is open to another room in the house, usually the living room or dining room, you need to know:

• Take the wall to install the -vitrocerámica or similar- kitchen and do not skimp on a good hood and odors, especially if it is an efficiency kitchen cooking.

• Commitment to the islands or peninsulas to install kitchen sink, if you need or want to include appliances like the washing machine or dishwasher.

• Do not choose too delicate materials for furniture kitchen open. Avoid, for example, hardwoods, unless they are fully prepared for outdoor use.

• Prima space to work and minimizes accessories.

• Choose a countertop of granite or quartz, the most resistant and easy to maintain in perfect state of cleanliness and appearance.

• Rate the possibility of putting integrated appliances, especially in the case of the kitchens that are part of a living or dining room.

When planning your kitchen open, you may have to give up some details and invest more in others; however, long-term profitability and thou shalt bring forth will enjoy your choice. Also choose the best coverage and assists your home insurance , leave us your telephone number and advise you!

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