How To Make Artificial Milk To Feed The Kittens

When we adopt a pet and it is still a puppy, they can assault doubts about what the best care. Within the theme of food, we show you how to make artificial milk to feed the kittens.

By the time a cat comes into our house we have very clear what are the stages that will pass along your life are infancy, childhood, adulthood, pregnancy in the case of females and old age. In this post we will focus on the first stage, focusing primarily on the theme of food.

If you just take in a cat that is still a puppy because well you’ve found it helpless in the street or because they have adopted, it shall not be fed breast milk. In such cases unless we have a cat who is nursing period, we provide the kitten her milk through other means.

In any pet shop or veterinary centers you can find different types of milk. But if you want to save these costs, it is also possible to produce artificial milk to feed the kittens with a homemade formula that closely resembles mother’s milk.

You’ll need the following ingredients to produce a cup of 250cc of milk. Do not forget that you must mix after heating the bath:

– 1 / 4l of whole milk (preferably lactose)

– 1 teaspoon cream

– 1 egg yolk

It is best to prepare this mixture before each meal, but if you can also keep spare in the fridge for three days maximum.

The shots must be performed every two hours if breeding is not yet able to open his eyes. If instead and opens easily, the food will be given every three hours. As for the amount taken should not exceed 3 a 10cc syringes. You should take care in this way the kitten until it has teeth and is big enough.

Then our pet’s diet varies: Now you can give canned or dry food for babies under one year, always mixed with warm water to facilitate digestion and adaptation to solid food. This will be done until the cat is one month approximately.

As you have found, drawing artificial milk to feed the kittens is a very simple task. In this way, we help our cat grow properly and well protected. But when it comes to providing protection not only keep in mind your pet, but you and your family must also be 100% care. Thus Platinum Home Insurance MAPFRE is presented as the best option offering, among other coverage, emergency medical assistance in case of domestic accidents.

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